Nov 3, 2010

We Have Doors!

The contractor installed our new sliding glass doors!  Don't they look beautiful?  They let a lot more light into the dining room and make the room feel so much bigger and open.  I love it!  We are waiting for the inspector to come and approve the header (the stuff above the door) and then they will do all the drywall/plaster work and the trim.

The window and wall removal was a bit of a harrowing experience for me.  It was incredibly noisy with vibrations that shook the whole house, insanely loud crashes every couple of minutes and then they kept yelling at each other in Spanish.  Unfortunately when they yelled at each other, they spoke slowly enough for me to understand half of it.  And so the only parts of their conversation I picked up on were things like "You are crazy! You cut the hole too big!" (which is how we got a 6 ft door instead of a 5 ft door) and "Are you trying to kill me !?"   It was interesting working from home, attempting to concentrate with all that going on below.

Outside they dug the holes for the deck supports and started building the deck on a brace.  The inspector has to come and inspect the holes to make sure they are deep enough so that the deck doesn't one day fall over or collapse or whatever. 

Now we're waiting for the inspector to come before they can do anymore work.  Except we still haven't reach anyone to make an appointment after 2 days of trying...

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