Dec 15, 2010

Part 3: Even More Holiday Cheer

Here's our dining room decorated for Christmas.  I know I revealed a bit of it already when I shared the mirrors, but here's the rest of the room.  Ever since we had the doors put in this has been one of my favorite spaces.  I even do my work in here in the evenings (well also because we have no office right now).  Even better that it's currently filled with glitter and glitz and ribbons and pine and all that holiday garb. Of course its still not finished - it still needs a radiator cover, real curtains/rods, electrical work and maybe a rug.

Are you sensing a theme that we haven't been working on the house?  Well you're right.  It's just that time of year.  Do you have time to renovate your house during the holidays with constant house guests, cleaning, errands, cookie baking, decorating, present shopping, present wrapping, waiting in line at the post office, caroling, cocktail drinking, tree decorating, party attending?!   I didn't think so.

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