Dec 14, 2010

Part 2: More Holiday Cheer

I love Christmas and the gaudy decorations.  I like to spread the decor throughout the house.  Little trees everywhere, scented candles, even holiday soap in the bathrooms.  Currently, this is what our living room looks like - filled with glitter, pine, ribbons, bows, berries, lights, stockings, etc. 

And this is also the official current state of our living room.  It's definitely in progress, which is why I've been so hesitant about sharing full room pictures so far.  When I look at the photos all I see are the things I want to change - the sagging couch cover, the light switch for the sun room that needs to be moved into the sun room (it's by the doors), turning the bookcase forward to match the one of the left (so I can create a proper reading nook), getting a console table to anchor the couch, finally hanging up some proper window treatments... you get the idea.

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