Jan 28, 2011

Living & Dining Room Curtain Rods

It's been a week of small wins as we check off simple projects from our to-do list and finally install things we already own.  Even though I don't yet have curtains or shades picked out for the living room, we put up the curtain rods we bought from Ikea over the summer. The current curtain rods, held up by nails, came with the house and my taupe curtains are placeholders for privacy until we get shades.  The new rods are totally bare, but at least they are up!  We chose dark bronze rods to match the door hardware and hung them high and wide to make the windows look bigger and accentuate the height of the ceilings.

In the dining room we got ready to hang more curtain rods, only to realize the rod hardware was missing.  And by missing I mean probably gone forever or at least for 3-6 years in a box that never quite gets unpacked.  So instead I used 2 leftover brackets from the bedroom rods upstairs (they came with 3 each).  Except once we put the rod up I immediately regretted my decision to rush because 1) we need a third bracket in the middle for support when the rod is this wide, and 2) I realized I want the dining room and living room curtain rods to match for better continuity.

So it's on the list for our next eventual inevitable Ikea trip.  Luckily the set in the living room was very inexpensive so it won't be cost prohibitive to get 2 more.  And lesson learned - never rush.  It's important to plan out and think through even the smallest projects.

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