Jan 10, 2011

Sun Room Blues

Over the weekend we continued to work on the sun room.  On Saturday morning I wanted to start painting the walls, so I went to the basement and pulled out the Palladian blue paint.  I opened up the can and this is what I found:

It had completely dried up!  Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong, will.  Especially in our house.  And one should always store paint cans upside down.  Whoops.  So Mike went to the paint store for more blue paint, but at least it was a worthwhile cause - once I finally started putting it on the walls, it looked so much better than the pink!

While I was painting the walls I noticed how sloppy the painters (who gave everything a coat of that pink paint) were when painting this room.  It's like they knew it was an extra space that the client and buyers wouldn't pay much attention to.  We certainly didn't notice until now.  But once the frilly curtains came  down I paid attention to the details.  I realized how desperately the trim in the room needed a fresh coat of white paint due to all the gouges and scrapes and big splotches of pink all over it.  Then there was the mess made from removing all the curtain hardware.  Then I noticed the gaps between the walls and the window casings that desperately needed caulk (you can feel the cold air!).  A quick paint job quickly snowballed into a much longer to-do list.  Of course. 

At least we have our little assistant to help out.

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