Jan 11, 2011

Painting the Trim in the Sun Room

To paint the trim in the sun room we had to prep everything first, like caulking the drafty gaps between the walls and window casings. Lots and lots of caulking. I even had to pry an ancient phone jack out of the baseboard. Then taking down the old curtain hardware was an adventure in itself because there were 3 different sets on each window from different times, all heavily painted over. Some were fastened with screws I had to scrape out, others had small nails that easily popped out with a pry bar, and a few had the same vicious 5" nails I had to battle when doing the blinds in our master bedroom. Once all the hardware was removed, I patched all the holes and a few of the biggest gouges/scrapes left behind from past abuse.

We painted the base molding around the room and the window casings the same bright white as the rest of the house. We had to put in extra effort in odd corners where we found two shades of pink - splotches of the mauve mist that previously coated the walls and then a darker shade of bright rose that must have been the original color of the room. Can you imagine this house was actually even pinker?!

At some point soon I would really like to take the time to scrape and repaint the windows themselves (and not just the outer casings), but this is a project we are holding off on until spring when we can actually open the windows. We had enough trouble with one window already - it fell and was wedged at an angle and was impossibly stuck (note the foam strip shoved in there for insulation). Now we have yet another project on the to-do list!

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