Feb 28, 2011

Hello Television

We broke down and bought a television for our master bedroom.  I've been softening to the idea for a while.   We didn't plan it, but the deal was too good to pass up - 23" Samsung LED for $104 with coupons and discounts and sales.  It's not hooked up to a cable box because I refuse to pay our cable company an extra $13 a month - but it's hooked up to a media server instead.  And it's made those winter sick days at home much more bearable.


  1. What's a media server? Is it your computer?

  2. I actually have no idea what a "media server" is... so I asked my resident expert and Mike said:

    "It's a WD TV Live Plus Media Server which basically lets us play any video file from a USB drive or what's on our local network - any computer connected to our router. The media server also connects to Netflix and youtube. It comes with a remote that works like any other TV remote, but lets you search for and stream media from the network and drives."

  3. That is such an awesome deal! Smart shoppers!

    Sorry I was unable to make the brunch this past weekend. Work got in the way! :(