Feb 10, 2011

Office Closet: Plaster

After revealing the shameful state of our office, last night we finally started the first step of this multi-part redo: the office closet.

The ceilings are exceptionally high inside (great for storage), but it's an awkward  space to work on because it's too narrow to fully open a ladder and  a step stool is too short.  And we have to fit a ladder and a lamp in there because it's so dark.  We actually started spackling the closet back in June (when I thought we should get the closets done right away), but only as high as I could reach with the step stool.  Since it was so long ago I don't have any good before photos, but I assure you it was as disastrous with lots of cracks and crumbling plaster.  Both the office and guest room closets were very neglected spaces.  At least with the office closet we only had to fix above the cedar planks.  Here's what the office closet looks like now with spackle:

It still desperately needs paint, but first Mike is going to install a box for a light in the ceiling, marked with a pilot hole from the attic.  We are placing the light in the front half of the closet so that light can reach the bottom when we put the solid wood shelves back in.  Mike will also install a switch on the wall outside the closet.  This weekend I need to sand and paint the shelves and hanging rods in here and we're thinking about putting a second shelf up above the first one for additional storage.  It's a lot of work for such a small space, the electrical in particular, but in the end it will be worth it.

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