Feb 9, 2011

Our Secret Shame

We need some motivation.  This is what our office looks like right now:

Yes, it looks like we belong on one of those hoarding shows.  It's become a dumping ground for homeless belongings.  Worse, the rest is mostly my stuff - art supplies, books,  pictures, albums - all things that need a home in our future office space.  Living without an office/studio space hasn't been easy for either of us, and it's been exacerbated by the fact that we can't find anything in here anymore.  The office is almost as bad as our basement. 

I'm sharing this embarrassment to shame us into finally moving forward.  We planned on starting all of this in December and we keep putting it off because the amount of work is a little intimidating.  Fixing up this room is part of a much bigger project - it's not like we can paint the walls and rip up the pink carpet with all this stuff in here.   Here's the overall plan:

First we need to fix up the closets so we have some storage space for all our junk:

  • Redo the office closet - repair the plaster, paint, add a light
  • Redo the guest room closet - repair the plaster, paint, add a light

Then we want to redo the guest room and office in tandem:

  • Empty the guest room and move all the furniture into the office (we'll have a little more room with stuff in the closets)
  • Redo the guest room - repair the plaster walls, add an electrical outlet and a ceiling fan, remove the carpet, etc.
  • Move everything from the office into the guest room (this will require a lot of stacking...)
  • Redo the office - repair the plaster walls, add more outlets, paint the walls, remove the carpet, etc.

And finally:

  • Set up our office space
  • Set up our guest room

So it's time to break out out our putty knives and the 5 gallon bucket of Spackle and get in that office closet.  Encouragement and/or heckling is appreciated - anything to get us going!


  1. Lorelei wants to know what happened!!!!

  2. You can tell her that this is what happens when you don't clean your room... Hah!

  3. which is pretty much what her room looks like now!!!