Mar 4, 2011

Guest Room Closet: Finished

The guest room closet was a huge pain - but it's finally done!  Installing the light was barely half the work.   The plaster was cracked in multiple places, floor to ceiling, and required some major repairs.  It was a long process because the large patches of spackle took forever to dry in between coats.  It was messy, it was dusty, it felt like we were redoing the bathroom or kitchen walls all over again.

Once all the dust had settled and the walls repaired and smooth, it was time for primer and paint.  The green color of the closet was actually growing on me, but in the end I like the bone white so much better.  It's very light, bright and neutral, perfect for such a dark deep closet interior.  Mike painted the whole closet and caulked the gaps around the moldings - now everything in here is sealed up tight. 

We put everything back together, bringing the previously painted shelves up from the basement.  My mother had a great suggestion for the chipped painted rods - instead of re-painting them and watching them chip as soon as we put hangers on, she suggested we cover them with shower curtain rod covers.  We picked up a couple from Home Depot, cut the plastic down to size and snapped them on - and they work like a charm!  Now we don't have to worry about chipping paint and the hangers slide much easier.

This closet actually came with a second snap-on metal rod as well because the closet is so deep.  I put it up in front so we can have two rows of clothes stored in here - maximizing closet storage is always a plus!  Having the light in here makes such a difference too - before this closet was pitch black in the back and we couldn't see a thing.  Even with the shelves back in, we can still see everything - including all the suitcases, tubs, and clothes that are about to be crammed back in here...

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