Mar 30, 2011

Starting the Garden

We want a big garden this summer.  I wanted to grow most of the plants from seed, and many of those like tomatoes need to be started early indoors 6-8 weeks before planting outside.  I planted a bunch of seeds in seed starting cups and once they sprout we'll keep them under a grow light.  Some of the seeds I had already from last year, but this year we're building a much bigger garden in raised beds so I bought some new things to try as well.  Most of my pots here are tomatoes, including several heirloom varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:  purple cherokee, yellow pear, green zebra, pink ponderosa, and bloody butcher.  Then I also have some regular seeds from various seed catalogs, including: big boy, beefsteak, paste and sweet 100s (cherry tomatoes).  I also started cucumbers, bell peppers, ground cherries (the seeds were free, I don't even know what these are!), poblano (ancho) peppers, squash, snapdragons, and herbs.  I have more seeds that will been put directly into the raised beds ("direct sow") - watermelon, carrots, more squash, pole beans, green beans, zinnias, sweet peas, spinach, lettuce, etc.  In May we will also pick up a few things from the nursery, including any seedlings that fail to thrive.

Now if only winter would let go and finally allow the backyard defrost... I really want to build the raised beds already!

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