Apr 26, 2011


We bought three little blueberry bushes to plant in the backyard.  It will be a few years before they are able to produce fruit, but we're quite excited about them anyways.  Apparently they are more productive when more than one kind are planted together, so we have two "jersey" bushes and one "blue crop".

We want to get the raised beds installed before we make any other big placement commitments, so for now I put them into three pots.  Of course these pots are too small to be more than a temporary solution, but blueberries are actually container-friendly in a large enough pot.  My grandfather (my gardening guru) has taught me a lot about blueberry bushes lately.   They love acidic soil, so we planted them with some garden sulfur mixed into the soil according to the directions on the bag.  Blueberry bushes are also native to this area and support 288 species of moths and butterflies, important for local ecology - plants like butterfly bushes are from China and actually starve the food chain.  And who doesn't like blueberries?!

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