Apr 28, 2011

Electrical Updates in the Office

Back upstairs in the office (yes we're still working on the office I swear!) Mike has been working on the electrical.  It never looks like much, but the effort and time that goes into it is tremendous.  Fishing wires in old clogged plaster walls is horrible frustrating work - there's all sorts of nonsense and blockages going on that you can't see behind all that plaster and lath.  However we finally have enough outlets installed and wired to support all of our electronics on power strips (6!).  The walls are even patched.

Next up is the ceiling fan.  Since we're splitting our free time between the backyard and the office (rain=office work, clear=outside), progress is slow.  Everything always takes a lot longer than we think it will.  Plus without lights in our attic, electrical work isn't exactly nighttime friendly.  Neither of us can believe it's May in this weekend.  Where does the time go?!

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