May 9, 2011

Fun Finds from The Far Hills Rummage Sale

Behold the success of my secondhand shopping!  On Saturday I went to the Far Hills Rummage Sale and once again it did not disappoint.  Of course every time is different and you never know what you're going to come away with.  My bookshelves are now stocked with plenty of new summer reads (11) from the dollar book sale.  Spring is the best time to find the holiday stuff for Halloween and Christmas because no one wants to think about it this time of year.  I found this totally awesome jack-o-lantern ($4) for the front porch that the squirrels will (hopefully) not eat this time around!

My favorite thing I got is this beautiful aqua vase with a gorgeous textural glaze finish that looks like something straight out of Anthropologie.  It's sculptural and unique, the color is richly layered and textured, it's signed by the artist, and only $10.

I almost always find a new pillow every time I go, I just get lucky like that.  This one was $2 with a silk cover and a down filled insert.  The colors are a perfect for the guest room upstairs.


I also found 3 sets of colorful cloth napkins ($2-$3 per set) because you can never have too many cloth napkins.  And when they are so cheap, it's much easier not to freak out when a (slightly inebriated?) guest uses one to blot up a massive red wine spill off the wood floor in a state of panic.  Or mustard.  Or whatever else stains linens.


  1. Love the vase! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Please tell me Joe didn't do that with a napkin? Gillian

  3. No! Haha! It wasn't Joe! Don't worry the person of the red wine incident knows who they are and has a good sense of humor. And if I'm going to point fingers, the mustard was all Mike! :)

    Plus who hasn't had a good napkin/tablecloth accidentally ruined?