May 6, 2011

Console Table

We got a new console/sofa table!  It's from a second-hand store called Second Dibs and was a total steal (as in a great price, not theft).  A friend of mine (who is much better at navigating these sites than me and more patient in the hunt) found it online and sent me the listing.  The table was mine hours later.  It fits everything on my wish list:
  1. Storage: This unit is divided into 6 cubbies for tons of basket storage (I just need some baskets!)
  2. Size: I wanted something 60-65" wide, less then 30" tall and less than 18" deep to fit behind the couch. This is 63" long, 29.5" high and 16" deep - perfect!
  3. Quality: I wanted something that would last longer than Ikea particle board, and this unit is solid. It took a beating getting it home and it's in great shape.
  4. Price: I wanted to pay less than Ikea prices for higher quality, but was open to pieces that needed refinishing. This was much less than Ikea's sofa tables.

Overall this piece needs a little TLC and has some dings and scratches in it, but I'm not afraid of a little refinishing work. We have several pieces of furniture in our house that we've refinished with paint and stain ourselves.  The challenge is just finding the time, and luckily it's not urgent on this piece, so for now our new table sits in its new home behind the sofa.


  1. great table liss!

  2. I see a purple penguin! Woot!