Jun 2, 2011

Anniversary Week: The Old Apartment Part 1

Since we're sentimental around here these days (being the first anniversary of our house and all) we took a look back at some pictures of our old apartment.  We thought it would be fun to give you a tour too.  There are a lot of fond memories of this place - though we did have to make the most of cheap faux wood cabinets, stained linoleum flooring, and a peachy terra cotta bathroom.  We loved so many things too - the large rooms, the private entrance and stairwell, the dark espresso wood floors, the balcony for plants, the deep living room window sills that Georgia would sit on... plus the amenities like the pool down the street, a storage unit in the basement and someone who came to fix anything that broke.  Sometimes we really do miss that repairman.

This was our living room. We painted it a bright bold yellow with a hint of orange to warm and brighten what used to be a cold, sterile, dark space.  It was a daring choice (this was before bright yellow was even in fashion) - at first in the wrong light it looked like nacho cheese instead of "Beverly Hills Gold", but I think we made it work.  The place felt warm and cozy and that's what mattered.  In fact we loved this color so much that we brought it with us to our new house - the yellow background in our living room wallpaper is the exact same yellow.

We split the living room up into two spaces because it was large enough for both a sitting area and an office space for us to share.  It was a little tight for my large L-shaped desk, but it worked just fine.

The private entrance and staircase provided us with a great landing space where we hung up coats, dog leashes and a good place to leave muddy shoes.

We also painted the dining room the same bright yellow as the living room and then added a blue accent wall around the bedroom door that was the same color as our bedroom.  I love the pairing of blue and yellow together.

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