Jun 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary Little Yellow House!

I can't believe we've officially been homeowners for a full year!  Exactly twelve months ago today we sat in our lawyers office, signed huge stacks of paperwork, handed over certified checks and were given a set of keys in return.   We couldn't believe the house was ours, it was an amazing feeling.  We were so excited, happy and nervous at the same time - we were homeowners!   But what if we couldn't handle it?  What if the work to fix up a fixer upper was too much?  Too expensive?  Too much work?

So we decided to create this blog - not only to share our projects, stories and progress with our families and friends, but also to keep ourselves motivated.   And it's worked.   The blog cracked the whip and got us off the couch to do something when there was nothing to post.  Your readership and feedback - emails, comments, in-person - is like a runner's high for us.  It helps us keep going even when we're exhausted.  So thank you for reading.   Time has flown by so fast.  In two weeks this blog will be a year old too!   I can't believe it.

We've been reminiscing over all our projects.  We've accomplished a lot in the past year.  The house has come such a long way and truly feels like home to us now.   Of course there's still so much we'd still like to do - but taking a moment to go back and savor how far we've come makes us feel really and truly blessed.   We've had so much wonderful support from our family and friends - we couldn't have done this without them.   So here's a little walk down memory lane - what our house looked like a year ago...

Living Room

Living Room

Sun Room

Dining Room
Upstairs Hall

Guest Room


Master Bedroom


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