Jun 9, 2011

Attic Fan

Installed just in time for the summer heat wave, we are the proud owners of a newly installed attic fan.  It sucks out all the hot air that rises into the attic, preventing our upstairs from being overheated.  Last summer I could stand on a chair in any of the bedrooms and just feel the heat radiating down, it was that bad.  This attic fan really helps us save on energy costs - a cooler upstairs means running those AC units even less.  Especially on a day like today where it’s 98 degrees outside.

The best part?  Our amazing electrician installed it in exchange for Mike's super handy computer fixing services.  So it just cost us the price of the fan.  It was a pretty amazing deal. 

Unfortunately for Mike, the attic  fan was installed after he did all the work for the ceiling fans in the attic.  But hopefully this will make his next trip up there more bearable! 


  1. My parents did not have AC for 20+ years. They closed up the house during the day and opened it up at night and ran the attic fan. It is incredible the heat that it expels. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks! The fan really did make a huge difference yesterday when it was 98 and sweltering... until the power went out from 5pm to midnight!