Jul 12, 2011

Patio Delivery

The patio pavers, gravel, sand and other materials have been delivered!  They arrived at 7:41 am Monday when the delivery window was between 8am and 10am.  We did not have the back driveway cleared yet and everything looked like the way we had left things Sunday night.  Instead of leisurely moving everything off the driveway a few minutes before 8:00, we had a mad dash to move our cars, bags of dirt, the garbage cans, the fire pit, the potted plants, the red chairs, the wheel barrow, the patio furniture...  Nothing like a little panic and adrenaline to get things moving in the morning!

It took two dump trucks and a pallet truck with a fork lift to get everything delivered.  The gravel is in front of the garage, the sand in the apron (covered by a tarp so that it won’t wash away in a thunderstorm), and the pavers on the grass.   The pavers will burn the patch of lawn they are sitting on, but weighing in at over 3 tons we did not want them sitting on the driveway for an extended period of time.  It’s a lot cheaper to reseed the lawn!


  1. Holy Crap Batman!! That's a LOT of work - now I feel bad for helping ya'll design such a large patio.....

  2. Better to have a bigger patio than one that's too small!!