Jul 11, 2011

Bad Deer!

We came home to this today:

That is was our new oak leafed hydrangea.  All the thunderstorms we've been having must have washed away all the deer-off, because today a deer had it for lunch.  Nothing else was bothered or touched.  I'm furious over it...

1 comment:

  1. Sorry your hydrangea became a meal! Consider using Shake-Away certified organic deer repellent. Shake-Away is a granular product (shake on the ground in the affected area) that uses predator urine as its mode of protecting plants. The urine scent, which can be detected by other animals but once applied is not detectable by humans, sends a message to pest animals that a predator is in the area. A deer's natural survival instinct is to leave that area to avoid being eaten. Repellents that rely on rotten egg smell or hot pepper ingredients are really just trying to deter a deer from eating the particular treated plants/leaves -- Shake-Away's predator scent mode of action compels the deer to actually leave the treated area. And the heft of Shake-Away's granular product makes it more weather resistant than liquid products that must be sprayed on each leaf you wish to protect. You can learn more about us at shake-away.com.