Aug 23, 2011

Master Bedroom Curtains & Mirror

While it’s a little hard to tell in the photographs (or is it?), I switched out the bedroom curtains.   Before they were both white with mismatched patterns - I was tired of living curtainless and they worked temporarily.  However, finally having a matching set makes the room look and feel a whole lot more put together.  I love the simple woven texture of the curtains - they are very soft and breezy. 

We also replaced the little mirror (that was never tall enough) with a true floor mirror, the Hemnes from Ikea in a black-brown finish.  It’s a relief to finally have a working full length mirror in our bedroom - checking my outfit before work in the morning is now less of a chore since I can finally see the whole thing at once instead of in pieces.  More disasters can now be averted.   I’m not exactly one of those women who has effortless style...  let’s just say with the bigger mirror I’m having more successful days where I don’t walk out the door with brown shoes and black pants or a texas tuxedo.

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