Aug 22, 2011

The Living Room has Curtains!

Amazingly, 14 months after moving in and 7 months after installing curtain rods, we finally have curtains in our living room.  Hooray!

Part of the reason it took so long was that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  The natural linen curtains I already had didn’t look right with the crisp white molding and gray walls.  Then I thought I might want something striking like dark gray, or something pretty and patterned that coordinated with the yellow and gray wallpaper.  In the end though, I realized that I just wanted something light and breezy that framed the windows and complimented the room without drawing too much attention - plain white curtains.  Yes there are so many more fun and exciting options out there, but patterned curtains could easily be too much with the patterned wallpaper.  And with the dark paint color on the walls, the dark brown bookcases and northern window exposure, I didn’t want to make the room darker than it already was.  The line between glamorous drama and living in a cave is natural light - something our living room didn’t have.

Plain white curtains can be found all over the place, but Ikea has some of the best prices for basic staples like this.  These are the Vivan style - totally plain, light and breezy.   And at $15 a pair or $7.50 per 98” panel - that’s even cheaper than most discount fabrics.

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