Oct 10, 2011

FHRS Shopping

The Far Hills Rummage Sale was another successful shopping event, though it was exceptionally busy this year. We took a day off work to take advantage of the Friday selection and it was the busiest I’d ever seen. There were cars with license plates from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts... the sale was more popular than ever. There were long lines to enter every single tent - even the less exciting ones. The selection by Friday afternoon was usually what I see at the end of the day on Saturday.

Despite the long lines and crowds, my shopping companions and I managed to pick up a few great finds. The best thing I brought home is this marble top table for $6. The legs need to be refinished, but overall it’s a beautiful little side table that looks great in our living room.

I also found two wooden folding chairs from Ikea for $6 each. We have two already and I love them for extra seating. I also stocked up on a big bag full of dollar books.

I’ve always wanted to play with one of those round knitting looms, and I got a whole set of them (complete with needles and instructions) for $10.

Even though summer is over and the holidays are still months away, I couldn't help but pick up a couple of Christmas decorations ($6) and a set of 3 hanging baskets for a dollar each.

Last but not least... pillows! A large geometric raw-silk pillow cover with a down-filled insert, a set of two low rectangular pillows with gray silk covers, and two yellow ruffle square pillows ($16 for 5).


  1. Now that we've met, I will stop lurking and post a comment. :) I LOVE the marble top table. I have now read two years worth of your posts about this sale. Think I might have to make a trip for it next year!

  2. It was so nice to meet you too! You should definitely come to the next sale - it's actually going to be in early May! It's so much fun!