Oct 3, 2011

New Artwork

We have a new piece of artwork in our living room, a woodcut that has sentimental value for me. My grandfather downsized from a sprawling house in North Carolina to an apartment in NJ. We moved him into his new place over the weekend. While I am happy to have him so close by, it was also very sad to say goodbye to the house where I have so many childhood memories.

My grandparents had this woodcut in their kitchen’s breakfast nook. I was the only blond grandchild and I thought the girl in the picture was me, surrounded by a rainbow of bubbles. When my grandfather sold his house, this was the one thing I really truly wanted.

After a long weekend of unpacking, I was eager to bring this picture home with me. With minimal wall space in our house, there weren’t too many places to put it. This spot in the living room is a perfect fit next to the door. As much as I loved the vintage poster, the frame was cheap and the poster was too large for the space once the curtains went up.

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