Oct 5, 2011

Project Basement

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to our basement now that it’s dried out, mold free, and a complete organizational nightmare where we can’t find anything. When we threw everything up on shelves before Hurricane Irene, we were in such a hurry that nothing was organized. Our goal was just to get everything off the floor.

Finally (after over a month) it was time to start figuring out where everything was, decide where everything was going to go long-term, grit our teeth and get through it. I wanted to store like with like - have all the holiday decorations together, all the tools together, extra kitchenware, etc. We also wanted to leave plenty of room to work on projects in the wintertime, have a laundry area, and a place for Mike to do some of his music stuff. It's a ridiculously huge project. One we've been dreading for months.

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