Oct 6, 2011

A Coat Closet in the Basement

One of the downsides to our 1920s house is that there is no coat closet on the first floor. And not a lot of closet space upstairs either. While the hooks I installed in the basement stairwell have been helpful, they don’t exactly provide a lot of storage. So when we were at Ikea we bought the shortest wardrobe they had that would fit under our low basement ceiling (and it just fits). While a wardrobe in the basement isn’t ideal, it’s better than nothing at all (which is what we had before!).

And now, after living here for 15 months, we finally we had a real place to store our coats!


  1. What a good idea! I think I might do that for some of my extra clothes...

  2. You could always line it with cedar too! HD has the thing cedar planks on sale and cheap! :) ~the thrifty design chick