Oct 26, 2011

Scary Halloween Story: Our Garage

It’s dark and scary in our garage, and it’s filled with more than a few creepy cobwebs. Over the past year we have managed to overfill it with tons of stuff, to the point where we couldn’t even walk in it anymore.

(This picture actually gives you a good idea of how bad our basement actually was too - I wasn’t kidding when I used Hoarders as a reference.)

It started with a few cardboard boxes. For a while our town’s recycling program was playing games with when and how they would pick up cardboard, and they still don’t pick it up when it’s raining or the truck is full or the first week of the month. So as we unpacked boxes and bought new things, boxes accumulated pretty quickly.

Then we added plant pots and landscaping equipment and tools. A broken lawnmower and other things left by the previous owner we didn’t know what to do with. Building materials that require a dumpster. Appliances we kept meaning to donate. Leftover scrap lumber and buckets and boxes of things that should be stored on shelves in the garage... if only we had shelves. Pretty soon the wheelbarrows no longer fit.

Finally, enough is enough. We need to be able to walk around in our own garage. We need to be able to store the wooden patio furniture and wheel barrows and plant pots in here all winter. So now that the basement is organized, our next big project is to organize this space before it gets too cold out.

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