Oct 25, 2011

The (Mostly) Organized Basement

Our basement is far from perfect, but the good news is that we finally know where everything is. We organized everything with labels, putting like with like (tools with tools, paint neatly stacked, holiday decorations all together, kitchen appliances that don’t fit upstairs, cleaning supplies, etc). It no longer looks like hoarders live here!

Eventually we’d like to get rid of all the cardboard boxes and have everything safely tucked away in plastic, but tubs aren’t exactly free. So we plan on adding a few more to our collection on a regular basis until we’re a cardboard free basement.

There are still things our basement needs - like a backup for our sump pump if the power goes out again. And I’d like to build some risers for the washer and dryer, and we need to pick up a dehumidifier. We also want to add some lighting, since the lighting situation is pretty dire down there. But it’s come a million miles from the episode of hoarders it used to be.

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