Nov 11, 2011


Nothing like a soft downy duvet for a nap. Especially when it’s covered in a super soft & luxurious Dwell Studio duvet cover. There better not be any mud on those paws... 


  1. You're doing a great job on your house. I love your colors.

    Random question about your kitchen tiling. Do you remember if you had to install plastic box extenders inside your outlets to make them flush with the covers? Mine are uneven and I have to do something about it, but not sure if it's a DIY friendly project.

  2. Plastic box extenders are very DIY-friendly and they will make everything look a lot better. There are some great tutorials on youtube and anyone can do it. The important thing is to be safe - always make sure you turn off the power before touching the outlet! And pick up some extra-long screws for the plate if they don't come with the extender.

  3. Thanks so much for your answer!!! Now I have yet another weekend project. haha