Nov 16, 2011

Radiator Cover Supplies

Mike has courageously decided that instead of building radiator covers one at a time like he did last fall, this year he’s decided to do 4 at once: the dining room, sunroom, office, and guest room. Last year he completed 5 out of 11, so after this venture we will have 9 out of 11 done. This will just leave the kitchen and half bath ones for later - they are awkwardly shaped and will require complicated custom work. Plus they are more out of the way than the others so I’m less worried about them.

So here’s all the supplies he bought for the project this past weekend. MDF cut to size (it's easier to have the folks at Home Depot do it so the cuts are perfect and it fits in the car on the way home) and the screens. Yes we’re still working on the garage, but this is the next project.

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