Nov 15, 2011

More Winter Prep

As November marches forward, we’ve started making more winter preparations. According to one of my favorite gardening blogs A Way to Garden, strawberries like to have a layer of straw on them for winter. So I put a layer down over the whole strawberry patch. It looks a little weird (and feels a little punny)... but hey if it helps increase strawberry production in the spring it’s totally worth it.

Since I know Myrtle is alive this year (last winter I thought the crepe myrtle died when the deck was built, but it came back in the spring), I took the time to properly wrap her for winter in burlap and stuffed in some leaves for insulation. These southern trees do survive here in NJ, but when they are young they need to be wrapped to protect them from our harsh winters. I also added stakes to help support the structure in the snow. This year we are set and ready.

A peak inside - stuffed with leaves

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