Feb 28, 2012

Emptying the Nursery Part 2: Closet

The second step to emptying the nursery was to move Mike’s closet full of clothes from the nursery to the office. Unfortunately I managed to fill the office closet in a very short time with art supplies, craft gear, unsorted paper files, and a surplus from my own closet. It was a big mess - and since 90% of it was mine, it was my job to go through everything (though Mike was more than willing to do all the heavy lifting).

It took a while. Most art supplies were sorted tubs and relocated to the basement. Boxes of old memories were relocated. I also finally had to say goodbye to some old sentimental dresses and clothes I haven’t worn in forever, sending them off for donation. But finally the closet was ready and Mike was able to move all his stuff over.

The empty nursery closet
Since baby and kids clothes are so small, we’d like to add a lower rod and perhaps even a lower shelf for more storage. It would be nice to have some space at kid-height for when he’s old enough to pick out his own clothes.

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