Feb 27, 2012

Emptying the Nursery Part 1: Furniture

We never put a lot of time or effort into the guest room beyond the basics because we knew we wanted to eventually start a family in our little yellow house. But it was still a challenge to empty what little furniture we had in the room. The little white dresser was moved into the closet for extra baby stuff storage. Lamps were shifted around the house.

The couch was a much harder decision. It doesn’t fit in our office without a major rearrangement and space sacrifice. Someday in the future we’d love to turn part of our basement into a playroom, and the couch would be a nice addition down there... but that could be a long ways off. So we were not sure whether to save it or get rid of it... but for now we decided to just put it in the basement anyways (adding to the hoarder look we have going on down there).

Now the room is empty and ready for a fresh start, except obviously for pieces of a crib leaning against the wall in the pictures. We need to put it together and I’ll share more about that progress (and the rest of the furniture) very soon.

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  1. The nursery section of the blog is so exciting for me. I can't wait to see the posts each time I check your site! GWS