Feb 23, 2012

Nursery Plan

The guest room is now officially being called The Nursery. We’re so excited! Before we even knew if we were having a boy or a girl, I knew I wanted to do a woodland theme for this room. For a girl we would have used gentle woodland creatures like birds, bunnies, fawns, butterflies, etc. But since we’re having a boy, we’re using more exciting animals like bears, foxes, stags, moose, etc. And of course any other cool woodland creature stuff I can find like woodchucks, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, beavers, etc.

We want to keep the color of the room Hollingsworth Green because we love it. We’re bringing in the woodland theme elements through textiles (bedding, blankets, curtains, pillows), wallpaper and accessories (stuffed animals, artwork, mobiles, nightlight, etc.). Some of it we're going to make, some things I'm going to buy on Etsy (or little artisan shops), and some things I'm still looking for.

The biggest challenge in this room is making a nursery work in such a small space. Arranging the furniture, finding enough storage, and creating a workable layout (that allows us to open the doors, not block the radiator and walk through the room) is very complicated.

So here’s the project to-do list:

- Empty the room and closet

Construction Work:
- Add crown molding
- Build a floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf next to the radiator for additional storage
- Touch up the paint on the wall (it was dinged when the carpet was installed)
- Build picture ledges to display artwork, books, etc.
- Put up wallpaper

- Assemble crib
- Refinish rocking chair
- Refinish dresser

- Make window treatments
- Make bedding: bumper, crib skirt, decorative pillows
- Find and make accessories for the room
- Find artwork for the room and frame it

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  1. YAYAYAY! Can't wait to see what you have in store!