Feb 24, 2012

Big Sister

How is Georgia handling the impending arrival of her new baby brother?

Sometimes she curls up with her head and ears against my belly and falls asleep listening to the aqua-aerobics going on inside. Other times she curls up around it and I wonder if she’s trying to snuggle him or stand guard. Before I was pregnant, she used to inconsiderately jump all over me all the time. She was never gentle when she wanted something - like to play or to go outside. Then suddenly I swear she just knew that I was pregnant. She was careful, suddenly I was treated delicately. She’ll beat up on the couch and bark to get my attention, or tap my shoulder - but she’s very careful with my midsection now. And she’s still as rough as ever with Mike when she’s feeling feisty and wants to play/wrestle.

It’s very sweet, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. There are many times when she already gets jealous. There are times when she acts out. This is a big change for her and it’s just the start of what will probably be a difficult transition. She is so used to being the center of attention and we’ve spoiled her. Sharing the spotlight is difficult for children and dogs when a new sibling comes home. We’ve put together a game plan to smooth things out the best we can, but we don’t expect it to be easy. We’re hoping for the best (Georgia’s acceptance, love and protectiveness) and preparing for the worst (wanting to eat the screaming pink thing that stole all her glory).


  1. Our dog Brooklyn was also used to being our baby and we worried how he'd adjust. But once I got pregnant, he also because a gentler, kinder version of his former self. When we were out on walks, he would literally guard me, which got a little annoying because he guarded me from literally every human that came our way. He has never been an uber-affectionate dog, but during my pregnancy he spent many nights curled up on the couch with his head in my lap. Now, he is cautious around Charlie for sure but slowly warming up to him (especially now that he eats solid food and can drop it on the floor for him.) He guards Charlie, now, more than he guards us. I find that to be endlessly endearing. There might be rough spots, but I'm sure Georgia will find her own place, even if it's different than what it used to be!

    1. Thank you! I really hope Georgia warms up to the baby. Our vet gave us some good literature and tips to help ease the transition, but I guess we'll just have to see how it goes in June. :)