Apr 24, 2012


I’ve been sewing. YES, sewing! But by hand, not on any machines that can cause destruction, mayhem and meltdowns when left in my hands. Not that I hand sew much better - don’t look too closely at my stitches, they are quite uneven and all over the place. It’s actually quite amazing these little birds are coming together at all without looking like Frankenstein’s monster.

A few years ago (back when we still lived in our apartment) I found a blog post that said anyone, even the most sewing incompetent, could make these little birds if they were feeling crafty. And the post included a link to this site with the pattern. I was half inspired, half determined to prove them wrong - so I made one. And it was cute! So I made another... and another... and to this day pull them out with my spring decor.

So now I’m making a whole set of little birds for the nursery with leftover scraps of fabric. It’s nice because each bird doesn’t need much. I’m trying to stay away from feminine colors to keep the birds more masculine for a boy’s nursery. But what’s a little woodland forest without a few birds?


  1. You should attach a few to the birch tree branch we need to find for the wall...;) shan