Apr 23, 2012

More Bookcase Progress

The bookcase is really coming along now. The pocket holes have been drilled - it’s an interesting process. You put the wood piece into the jig and it pre-drills a pocket hole for a screw that will attach the piece to something else. The pocket holes are placed to be either hidden under/behind the final piece or can be patched and painted. My favorite part about the jig is that Mike can pre-drill all the pocket holes outside and then bring all the bookcase pieces upstairs and assemble it like Ikea with a drill. It’s very cool.

For illustrative purposes to show how the screws go in - all assembling is done in the nursery

In the nursery, the bookcase is starting to taking shape. We’ve hit a couple of snags, but nothing Mike wasn’t able to fix or work through. Basically everything in the bookcase was made to be straight and level and the house is not (straight or level). The walls are more than just a little wonky, the floor dips, and we discovered that the window leans to the left - a lot! All the joys that come with an old house that’s had plenty of time to settle. But again it’s nothing Mike hasn’t been able to work through, it just takes a some extra time.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished bookshelf! That jig thing looks really helpful -