Apr 10, 2012

Crib Bedding Progress: Pillows!

The crib bedding project is in full swing now. Currently we have 2 pillows! Not just plain square pillows - these pillows have awesome chocolate brown piping around the edges (which I recently learned is actually called welting). I think they look fantastic, even better than I had imagined in my mind - I just LOVE the way they came out.

Like with the wallpaper, my mother gets ALL of the credit for this project. Despite my best intentions and efforts, I am terrible at sewing. I want to be better because I love making things, but somehow I manage to "break" the sewing machine within minutes. And all the fabric is bunched up and shredded and there’s thread everywhere and I have no idea what happened... so instead I’m the assistant. I can help cut and measure and fetch things, make a pitcher of iced tea... but I'm very grateful for my mother's help on this - otherwise it would never happen!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE these pillows! I wish I knew how to sew - I them for my living room. You and your mom should totally open up a shop on Etsy! ;)