Apr 9, 2012

The Dresser Finished

Mike finished the dresser and it’s beautiful. I love the dark stain. It’s actually a mix of a little bit of ebony in a lot of Bombay Mahogany by Minwax. We went for a glossy finish because we read it’s more durable than satin and we wanted a dresser that could stand up to a lot future abuse from a toddler.

The hardware is actually something we already had on hand in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Since we want this dresser to be able to grow with our little boy, we decided totally neutral hardware was the best way to go. Though of course if money was no object I would gone straight to Anthropologie for their woodland creature knobs (owls, rabbits, squirrels), or bugs (snails, beetles), or maybe just one of their many cool and colorful knobs they have in stock.

Now I just have to line the drawers and get a couple drawer organizers and this dresser will be ready for baby clothes and diapering accessories. 

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