May 9, 2012

Mini Mobile: More Birds, More Branches

After making the large branch mobile, I was inspired to do one more over the changing area on the dresser. I’ve heard from other moms that distractions (mobiles, toys, etc.) are essential during changing time for fussy, bored or active babies. Using a much smaller tree branch (18"), I sewed a few more birds to attach and Mike suspended it from the ceiling using eyelet hooks.

I wanted this mobile to be able to move and spin, so instead of suspending both ends of the branch to the ceiling, I created a Y shape. I had the fishing line converge into 3 organic round stuffed shapes to hold it together without a mess of complicated fishing line knots. The shapes are made of the same fabric as the birds so it all goes together.

I’m really happy with it - it spins with the slightest breeze and will hopefully provide some visual entertainment over the changing pad!

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