May 8, 2012

Birds on Branches

What am I doing with all those birds I made? I put them on branches of course! I was inspired by mobiles all over Etsy and the internet, there seem to be birds on branches all over the place these days. When I realized these were the same birds I had a pattern for and knew how to make, I decided to dive in and make my own set.

Instead of a little crib mobile though with a few tiny sticks, we decided to take advantage of the tall ceilings and have a real tree branch come out of the corner, suspended from the ceiling. I think it’s more dramatic this way and takes advantage of the woods wallpaper.

The giant branch is suspended from the ceiling with fishing line and eyelet hooks. The birds are secured to the branch with fishing line as well. I wish I was able to take better pictures of it, it’s big in a small room and my camera had a hard time with it. It looks much cooler in person, as if the wallpaper suddenly came to life...

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! What a great idea. Good job!