May 2, 2012

Nursery Window Shade

Originally my plan for the nursery window was to make a roman shade with one of the fabric patterns I wanted from Golly Bard on Spoonflower. But then three issues came up and made me rethink the idea: 1) Time and Ability: Do I really have the patience and ability to make a custom roman shade with my crippling inability to sew well? Is it fair to push this onto someone else? 2) Design: Will it even look good? Or will a patterned shade on a bookcase wall be too busy? When I originally dreamt up the idea, the bookcase was empty in my mind - which of course is not be the case in real life. 3) Cost: Is it really worth buying all the materials, including 2-3 yards of custom fabric if I’m not even sure it’s the best solution, when buying a plain one would be more than half the price?

So instead of spending a lot of time, effort and money on a custom roman shade, I decided to buy a plain white one instead. I’ve been really happy with the ones from JC Penney in both our bathrooms and the sun room, and their price is great for the quality. We held off putting it up until the bookcase was done - I didn’t want it to get damaged during the construction process. I’m really happy with the way it turned out - it looks crisp and clean.

We are going to install a hook on the wall to corral the cords (and prevent future strangulation hazards). Yes, we kept the blinds and added the roman shade on top. I really like the versatility of blinds in bedrooms and the polished finished look of a shade, so we decided to keep both. The blinds tuck away neatly underneath the shade when we want to hide them. Even better - when the blinds are closed and the shade is down, the room becomes exceptionally dark - perfect for napping babies!

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