May 25, 2012

The Postponed Project: Crib Bedding

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the crib bedding project has been delayed. For several reasons my mom and I just have not had a chance to get together to work on it this month and I don’t want to put off the nursery reveal any longer. Of course I don’t like leaving such an important element out of a “finished” room, but I dislike even more the idea of taking my maternity break and leaving everyone hanging. Especially after dragging the room out all month.

Unfortunately I am so sewing machine inept I can’t work on it without my mom, but the good news is that both the crib bumper and skirt are decorative and don’t need to be finished for baby’s arrival. The new plan is to keep working on it when we can and I’ll share the final product and updated nursery when it’s finished (hopefully sooner than later). In the meantime the rest of the nursery reveal will be Tuesday after the holiday weekend!

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