May 22, 2012

Woodland Creatures: Modern Toys

At our baby shower, we received a lot of amazing things from generous family and friends. We are so grateful for everything that we received, it makes such a huge difference for us. We got so many items that we desperately needed, plus some very fun and cool toys. Today I wanted to highlight a few of the modern toys that coordinate with the woodland theme.

First there is this squirrel pull toy. He’s a fun bright orange with clean modern lines. His tail bobs when he’s pulled across the floor and I just know he’s going to provide some great future entertainment. Until then, he makes awesome nursery decor.

We also received this bear covered in fun patterns with big pockets to hold his brightly colored woodland friends - a fish, a bird and a fox. Isn’t that so cute? He also has an attached teether that looks like a graham cracker. I have a feeling this bear set is going to be a personal favorite of our baby - he’s already a favorite of mine!

This is Rody. I know donkeys are not technically woodland creatures, but I found him too hilarious not to include. Look at that face! He’s actually a toddler bouncing/riding toy, made out of a super durable stretchy plastic. We tested him out with other babies at the shower and he’s awesome fun. I can't wait until our little boy is big enough to hitch a ride!


  1. Oh my gosh! Where is that squirrel from?! I need it!!

    1. The squirrel was a shower gift from a store called Jack's Toy Shop in Jersey City, NJ. Unfortunately the store is closing, so I'm not sure where to get it now...