May 21, 2012

Changing Station

So here’s what the changing station looks like in the nursery, we put a changing pad on the dresser top and attached it to the back (so it won’t fall off). The changing pad has two covers so we can swap them out as needed. The handy blue basket keeps all of the essentials* in close reach, while the roomy drawer below the changing pad has all the extras we need. Above the changing pad is the bird mobile to help keep our little boy entertained.

*We plan on cloth diapering our baby, but he won't grow into his green diapering system for several weeks. Until then, while we adjust to being new parents, we're using disposable diapers.


  1. Thought you might have gone into labor over the weekend after your maternity leave post on Friday! Glad to see more nursery updates - can't wait to see it finished! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Do you like the monitor? I saw online that it has a built in night light! The changing table/dresser looks good. I like it alot.

    1. So far we love the monitor! We're looking forward to using it anytime now :)