May 16, 2012

The World’s Most Exhausting Ikea Trip

We took a trip to Ikea last week. In my very-pregnant state it was an EXHAUSTING venture, not to be repeated. According to my giant swollen feet it might have been easier with a baby... but I think it was better to get it out of the way now. Luckily we got all sorts of much needed baby goodies at great prices.

We found a navy blue rocking chair cushion for $7. It looks great with the ottoman in real life, it’s a trick of the light that it looks so much lighter in the photos. The cushion is a lifesaver - not only does it make the chair incredibly comfortable, but it also raises the seat to the perfect height.

We also bought the white Ikea high chair. I’ve heard surprisingly good things about it and it was recommended to me from multiple people. The price is amazing, the lines are clean and modern, it’s supposed to be easy to clean, and the kiddos like it. I’m all about simplicity these days. We’re a ways off from needing the chair, but it was worth picking up now.

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We also grabbed up a few accessories including inexpensive colorful dinnerware, a duvet for the future toddler bed, and some super cute toys (including a few woodland things I’ll be sharing next week!). I’ll have to put them away until he’s a little older - but they are just so fun to look at!

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