May 17, 2012

Oh Baby

The very real chaos in our house right now

While I’m dragging out our nursery progress (the reveal is coming, I promise - we’re just waiting for a few more finishing touches), we’re also trying to prepare the rest of the house for baby. On top of the usual nesting cleaning urges (how does the kitchen floor keep getting so dirty?!), the hospital bag packing, the mountains of baby laundry that requires special detergent, and sterilizing every bottle, pacifier and teether that enters our home - we have quite a few things left to do. The number of things we get done of course directly relates to our little boy’s arrival date, but in a perfect world (where I have boundless energy and neither of us have to spend our days at a regular job), I would love to get everything crossed off this list.


  • Clean out both cars and install the infant carrier car seats
  • Reorganize and clean up the basement to make room for all the non-newborn baby stuff we’ll need later, so that we have room in our living room/sunroom to set up the newborn friendly stuff (see photo for our current chaos)
  • Put fresh batteries in the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Finish planting garden (not baby related but I need to finish it)

Nice to haves: (aka can be done this summer while baby is napping)
  • Anchor living room bookcases and dining room hutches to the walls
  • Anchor the television to the wall
  • Baby proofing: outlet covers, under-sink cabinet latches, etc. (it’s never too early to start!)
  • Make room in the basement and add an outlet for a deep freeze
  • Buy a deep freeze and have it delivered
  • Get a dehumidifier for basement


  1. believe me - u need those things in the pic :) gw

    1. Oh I'm sure we will! And we're so grateful for all of it - it's just hard to fit it all in our little house without some serious organization time!!