Jun 5, 2012

Baby Proofing: Anchoring Big Furniture

We decided to take the time before our little boy turns our lives upside down to anchor the larger, most likely to tip furniture to the walls of our house. We figured it would be much easier to do before we had a newborn to take care of, before we had a baby crawling around, before we had an active toddler who mistakes the bookshelves for a jungle gym.

We started with the living room bookcases. We emptied each one and Mike attached the anchor strap to the back and the wall, locking each one firmly in place. The straps are sturdy enough that they even feel adult-proof!

It was harder to do the hutches in the dining room. They took forever to unload and reload since they are filled to the brim with delicate things like our wedding china and crystal. I took my time because I was so afraid I would drop a vase or smash something sentimental.

Lastly we anchored the television to the wall. It’s an older heavy LCD model as opposed to the newer lightweight LEDs, so if it ever tipped over it could cause a serious injury. It was slightly painful to watch Mike put holes in the wallpaper. Upstairs, the bookcase in the office has been anchored to the wall since we put it together, so that’s all set. And the frame of the built-in bookcase in the nursery is attached the wall in so many places that it’s not going anywhere without a demolition hammer.

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  1. Great move! That's what I call proper parenting (or, in your case, proper PRE-parenting).