Jun 6, 2012

Basement Deep Freeze

We’ve wanted a deep freeze in our basement since last summer when we ran out of room in our kitchen freezer to store leftover garden produce. This year, with a baby on the way, the chest freezer was even more important to us for organic garden produce designated for baby food this winter.

We even managed to get it in before baby's arrival. Score! Mike cleared a spot in the basement, installed a new outlet in the ceiling, and we took advantage of the early online Memorial Day sales to get a good deal. This unit holds 8.8 cubic feet of freezer space and it’s bigger than we thought it would be in person. We chose this particular size because it’s only 24” deep and we knew it would fit down our basement stairwell. After our washer/dryer debacle, we learned our lesson!

The new outlet Mike installed
In addition to the good energy rating on our unit, we took extra steps to minimize the energy consumption. Chest freezers run more efficiently when full, so we padded the interior space with bags of ice for now plus some post-baby homemade freezer meals we put together over the weekend. And yes, I confess, at least one carton of chocolate ice cream...

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