Jun 8, 2012

Maternity Leave

Our little boy should be arriving any day now. My due date is this weekend, so I’m officially starting my maternity break as our little yellow house makes room for a new family member. Please check back with us soon... I will be back once we get the hang of things around here!


  1. Best of luck to both of you, Alissa!! Can't wait to hear all about the arrival of your little dude. Hooray!

  2. I can't wait to meet him!

  3. I just found your blog & literally read the entire thing from beginning to end in a few days! My husband and I will be closing on an old colonial home (built in 1900) in NJ in a couple weeks and I have learned so much from your blog. We also have a 1 year old son and a pug so I loved all the nursery updates & Georgia posts :) Congrats on your new addition. I look forward to future updates.